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  • Monday, October 04, 2004

    An exclusive

    Friday night, I braved going up 880 north and tested my sanity by trying to find parking in Berkeley to watch songbird Norah Jones at the Greek Theater. It was worth it. Her voice was right on and she was incredibly quirky. While singing, her silver scarf (which she bought on Haight Street the night before) got stuck in her metal chain-linked belt, which then got tangled up with her microphone - and then fell off. Luckily, she exclaimed, her belt didn't really hold up her pants.

    Coming out Tuesday, ch-check it out: De La Soul's latest album, "The Grind Date."

    The rap trio is one hardcore hip-hop heads adore. The beginning of the album is more of the same female soul hooks along with raps - but if you keep listening, Spike Lee gives a shout out, and De La Soul spout their thoughts on the current condition of hip - hop, which they deduce is not pretty.

    Also coming Tuesday, my exclusive (you won't find it in other American newspapers, only Chinese media) - the first Chinese - language rocker backed by an mainstream promoter, A-Yue (pronounced A-You-eh), who's Taiwan's Eminem with a style like Limp Bizkit or blink-182.


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