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  • Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Jin Tha MC signing at Tower, Stonestown

    Last Thursday, at Jin's signing, Tower Records Bay Area Region Event Coordinator LeRoid David reports by email:

    "Our Jin in-store was one of the best events I've done all year! It was a huge turnout of 400+ fans (mostly teens) and we sold over 270 CDs within the 2 hours he was there. I actually went to hang out with him and see his performance at 330 Ritch the next night. He has real good stage persona and he hyped up the crowd so well! My goal is to make Tower Records his number one retailer in sales!"

    Here's Jin (below) and a slideshow of pictures, taken by Tower Records.

    Tower at Stonestown

    His album, "Rest Is History" weighs in at #54 on the Billboard 200.

    Here's another thing I forgot to mention from the Mos Def and Jin concert -- they both took off their shirts, and girls wailed.

    To which Jin said that it wasn't going to be a LL Cool J moment. And, Mos Def gave a shout-out to skinny guys.


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