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  • Tuesday, October 05, 2004


    In today's paper, read my story on A-Yue, the first Chinese language rocker to tour the states, backed by a mainstream promoter, the House of Blues. It's an exclusive you won't find in any other mainstream papers.

    During Labor Day weekend, on their way back to Los Angeles to meet up with House of Blues,
    A-Yue and his manager George Trivino stopped by San Jose. For a man with a crazy reputation of giving the finger, mooning in public, and being nicknamed Taiwan's Eminem, A-Yue was shy and un-assuming while it was Trivino who was louder.

    In their hurry to come to San Jose, Trivino forgot his luggage back at his San Francisco hotel and during the interview was on his cell trying to find it.

    He was a man of few words, and I could tell that he thought hard before answering each question. Later I learned from a
    Taipei Times reporter that A-Yue doesn't like talking to journalists, so I guess I was lucky to have his time.

    Showing their sillier sides, driving back to San Francisco (to retrieve the forgotten luggage) and on the way to L.A. the two shared a quart of
    Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

    WHAT: A-Yue autograph session
    WHERE: Vallco Mall, 10123 N. Wolfe Rd. #2072, Cupertino
    WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6th
    TIX: Free - sponsored by Chinese-language newspaper,
    The World Journal.
    WHY: If you go, you can get a T-shirt, CD, and get a chance to talk to the rocker himself.


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