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  • Wednesday, November 10, 2004

    Eminem is asking for an "Encore" plus it's a "White Christmas" in San Francisco

    Due to the leaks online, Eminem pushed his latest album release "Encore" from next Tuesday, Nov. 16th, to this Friday, the 12th.

    The whole album is available for download on quite a few sites, and you can get a listen here.

    The album is a must listen. Like his previous albums, it's catchy, and whether you like him or not, it'll have you bobbing your head and mouthing the words.

    "I may be a little fast paced and racy," he warns in "Never Enough."

    Besides literally making puking sounds, Eminem spills his guts on the album, admitting:

  • his disgust for Kim in "Puke" and his dependency for her "Crazy In Love
  • his exhaustion from the fight with Benzino and "The Source" in "Like Toy Soldiers" - "The same one that made me famous has a grudge on me for nothing."

  • his insecurity of never being good enough in "Never Enough"
  • his remorse for a past mistake in speaking badly of Black women in "Yellow Brick Road," saying that he: singled out a whole race, and for that I apologize.

  • ----

    Last night, I had the chance to catch the opening of "White Christmas" at San Francisco's Curran Theater with Merc's theater critic Karen D'Souza. It was not as much of a remake as promised, but a tale reaching back to celebrating Christmas ten years after WWII.

    The sets and wardrobe are beautiful. Mufflers, tweed and cinched waist dresses - if they ever made a line inspired by this show, I would go get it. There was one main eye-sore however - in the last song the men were wearing Bridget Jones-like sweaters.

    Karen mentioned there were many times she felt the show was an unending commercial - first Gap with dancers in sherbet colored clothing, then Target with dancers in red.

    It would be a perfect show to take the parents or grandparents, but for teens and twenties, it needes to be updated. The WWII details could have been changed to the current war and the anti-German jokes were offensive.
    One bright note: the little girl who saved Ben Affleck's movie "Jersey Girl," Raquel Castro, is the single charmer in this show as well.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    C'mon, ragging a production of White Christmas for being set in the 40's and 50's is like criticizing Casablanca on the same grounds. Think about the story and tell me how it would work half so well in current times. Sorry, but there just isn't a cafe society anymore. Name a contemporary singing sister act for me (there were plenty back then). What would replace the Ed Sullivan Show as something every American watched every Sunday? Survivor? Th Apprentice? Who can fool someone into getting on the wrong airplane (the way a train was used in the show)? Can you really imagine these Irving Berlin torch songs performed by a 30-something big celebrity by contemporary standards (like Wallace and Davis)? And, for that matter, what male son-and-dance duos still exist? White Christmas starring Penn and Teller (or Sigfried and Roy) just doesn't do it for me.

    This 47-year-old saw the production in SF last Friday and it was just plain charming. If you don't like that sort of yesteryear show, more power to you; but on reflection, do you really feel it would work drawing on Vietnam or one of the Iraqi debacles? You seem too smart to think that. Craig

    3:48 PM  

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