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  • Monday, November 08, 2004

    Nas in San Francisco soon and The Incredibles flying

    I recently interviewed Nas over the phone from New York in his "crib."

    Known as the "street prophet," the 31-year-old rapper was introspective, laid back and, as he says, "chillin' out.''

    He thought carefully first before answering, quite the opposite of Ryan Cabrera who outright said he ate cookies before concerts.

    In response to last week's Nas question:

    Q: How was it like working with your dad on the album?

    A: It was the best thing I've done yet, the best experience I've ever had, something with so much meaning. It was a good experience to also be able to look at your father and say "wow," look how he's influenced me.


    And, on Saturday, I saw "The Incredibles." The movie matched its title and its soundtrack is fun too. It's superhero music that you can imagine you can fly with.

    Here are links to "The Incredibles":

  • trailer
  • soundtrack
  • background on how Pixar made the characters come alive.
  • The superhero film topped the weekend box office ticket sales and beat out "Finding Nemo" by making $70.5 million in its first weekend.

    Unlike "Finding Nemo," there were no extras at the end (I stayed through all the credits, just in case), but there is a short called "Boundin'" in the beginning, which scales a lot younger than "The Incredibles" PG rating. It features dancing animals.

    There was also a tease to Pixar's next film, "Cars," a NASCAR-like flick with Chevron-like talking cars, which comes out next year. Here's a link to the trailer.


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