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  • Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Sophia Stewart Matrix settlement and Unwritten Law off tour

    It's not been played out in the news, but the lady they call the "Mother of The Matrix" has been supposedly given her due. This news comes in time for the release of "The Ultimate Matrix Collection" on DVD.

    Salt Lake City resident Sophia Stewart sued and won damages for "The Matrix I, II, III" and "The Terminator," because the court ruled the movies were based on her manuscripts.

    She had submitted her work, "Third Eye," in response to an ad placed by the Wachowski brothers, who directed the Matrix movies, asking for sci-fi scripts to create a comic book.

    Reportedly investigators found roughly 30 minutes of the original film had been cut to avoid copyright infringement.

    For more information:


  • Ongoing discussion here:

    And, for Unwritten Law fans, the punk outfit has canceled its tour due to a family emergency.

    The San Diego group was on touring to promote its latest album, "Here's To The Mourning," set for release in early February, when bassist Pat Kim heard his father was sick. Earlier this week, Kim's father was admitted to Kaiser Hospital for a serious, undisclosed ailment.

    They're planning to reschedule concert dates early next year.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The case has NOT been settled. This rumour is based on a misleading story written by a college student. The case is still damages have been awarded to anyone.

    Marian, I'm afraid you should have done your research here.

    Just another example that blogs can be unreliable if written by irresponsible people.

    "None of that is true. What is true is that on September 27, 2004, US District Court Judge Margaret M. Morrow made a preliminary ruling that the RICO element of the suit would not be thrown out on purely legal grounds, though some of the charges were dropped against Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. There was no finding of fact emerging from this hearing and not even the glimmer of a trial that would find guilt or innocence.

    The court judgement at:


    2:29 AM  

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