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  • Thursday, March 24, 2005

    Phantom Planet in San Jose

    Yesterday, I had a fun time interviewing Phantom Planet's Sam Farrar. (For those uninitiated, Phantom Planet sang the theme song, "California," for the very hot television show "The OC.") The band opens for Sting next Friday, April 1st - so check out my full story that Friday in Eye.

    Sam was fun to talk to over the phone, and filled the spaces between questions, answers, and me typing, with random comments - like:

    "Red Bull is disgusting. I love Coca-Cola, but I drink too much, and that's not very good. And, I hate coffee." (He was drinking Red Bull, waking up after 12 p.m. after spending the night in a friend's studio and getting to sleep at 4 a.m.)

    He did talk about his parents' new coffee machine:

    "They have this amazing coffee machine. It cost $2,000. You hit one button, and it makes your coffee for you instantly. All you have to make sure is that there are beans and water. It can do cappuccino and espresso in one touch. But, naw I can't really afford that right now."
    So ch-check out the rest of my silly interview with him next Friday.

    And tonight, ch-check it out:

    Ben Lee
    WHERE: The Independent, 628 Divisadero St., San Francisco
    WHEN: 9 p.m. tonight; 3/24
    TIX: $12; (415) 771-1421
    WHY: Singer-songwriter Ben Lee sings sweet nothings put to alternative rock.


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