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  • Monday, March 21, 2005

    Voice lessons from Jan Yanehiro

    This weekend, I went into the sound booth for voice training. It was for my upcoming television debut on Pacific Fusion, an Asian American show on KRON, channel 4, Sunday (March 27) at 12:30 p.m.

    Jan Yanehiro, of "Evening Magazine" fame, is the co-executive producer of the show.

    As one of the few Asian American broadcast journalists I saw on television while growing up, I looked up to her, and never thought I'd be working with her someday.

    Jan is now my voicing coach. She stressed three words: "slow, low and flow."

    Slower, because, like many Californians, I talk fast and run my words together. I speak so fast that, when I worked in Detroit, I would introduce myself on the phone, speaking so rapidly that the other side had no idea what I was saying. It came out something like, "HithisizMarianliu, from the Detroifreepra, canIintervau?"

    Lower because, being female, I have to avoid sounding screechy. Not, that I want to sound mannish, just older.

    Finally, I needed for my words to flow, because audience members, who can't watch me doing my narration, will hear me as just another character in the production.

    So ch-check it out this Sunday.


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