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  • Monday, April 18, 2005

    Tori Amos in San Francisco

    This morning I interviewed Tori Amos. Like her music, the 41-year-old singer was intense.

    She became critical when I asked her about the reason behind her moving away from singing about herself to taking on other characters (like when she becomes the voice of the murdered wife on her cover of Eminem's "Bonnie and Clyde '97" and where she sings as "Mother Earth" on her latest album "The Beekeeper"). She asked, in a fiery tone, how I even know that the other music was about her?

    "How do you know that I haven't gone inside? Do you know me? Do you know my life?," she fired back.

    Yeah, I don't know her and that's why I ask the questions.

    Amos didn't let me reveal the audio of the interview online, saying that it's "just between you and me in case I burp."

    Anyways, ch-check out her spirited Q&A in this Friday's EYE.


    Blogger Enoch Choi said...

    you should have asked her about wine. she's gaga over wine.

    3:10 PM  
    Blogger Marian said...

    She talked a little bit about wine, comparing stealing a bottle of wine after a wine tasting, to downloading music - basically equating the two to stealing.

    4:10 PM  
    Blogger nathanieljue said...

    actually downloading music is like if she bought a bottle of wine, and then she let me have a glass of it for free. she's implying that downloading is like taking a cd from a record store. would she then think that everytime i taste a sample at baskin robbins that i'm stealing? tori amos is bunk.

    10:40 AM  

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