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  • Wednesday, May 18, 2005

    Britney Spears, and the very sultry Cindy Blackman and Nikka Costa

    Did anybody get the chance to ch-check out Britney's new reality show?

    Somehow, I can make it through Jessica and Ashlee Simpsons', even the Barkers, but I wasn't so enthused about Britney.

    I interviewed her at a teleconference before her last tour, The Onyx Hotel. She came off as a bit of a ditz.

    I asked: Your past pastor has denounced your recent activities, what is your response?

    Her answer was like: What does he know? Religion is what causes wars.

    Then, another reporter asked: If you were blind, and had only one hour to see, what would you do with this hour?

    Her answer: That's my kind of question. I would spend it with my friends and family, eating strawberries with whipped cream.

    That said, her latest single "Chaotic" is catchy. She always hooks you somehow.

    Tonight, ch-check it out...

    Lenny Kravitz, with Nikka Costa
    WHERE: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, 99 Grove St., SF
    WHEN: 8 p.m. tonight 5/18
    TIX: $45.50;
    WHY: Lenny Kravitz's drummer, Cindy Blackman, kicks butt. She puts her whole body energy into drumming and in doing so and inspires you to be a drummer. Also, Nikka Costa, the sultry rock star and goddaughter to none other than Frank Sinatra, is exceptional - you may just like her more than Lenny Kravitz.


    Blogger nathanieljue said...

    lenny kravitz is bunk. the lyrics to "fly away" sound as if written by a 5yr old. most. over. rated. musician. ever.

    6:39 PM  

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