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  • Monday, May 02, 2005

    Graffiti grows up, plus more on the other elements of hip-hop

    Ch-check out my graffiti story in today's Mercury News on this link! It's spread over the whole Arts and Entertainment section front.

    Also, click here for a graffiti lexicon.

    Plus, a link to a brief history of graffiti:

    One of the first widespread graffiti writers who tagged (sprayed on signatures) was TAKI 183. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), according to this article, he has put down his cans to work at a legitimate business, a foreign car repair shop. The story is a bit old, but it's interesting how a guy who helped start this trend has denounced his whole past.

    And, if you want to learn more about graffiti, here are other places to check it out. They frequently have urban art exhibits:

  • Anno Domini

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  • Plus more on other artists:

  • Basquiat: among the first of graffiti artists now considered a fine artist

  • Barry McGee: A San Francisco Mission district artist who has gained cross-over success.

  • Quality of Life: A graffiti documentary about an artist coming of age in the Mission District of San Francisco. Last year, it had its US premiere at Cinequest and won a jury award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

  • And, with this graffiti story, I've written about three of the four elements of hip-hop. Here are the other two:

  • Dancing

  • Deejaying

  • On the last element, emceeing, I've only written about it in increments. Davey D, however, has a very comprehensive one here


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