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  • Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    R. Kelly in "Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 3)"

    R. Kelly has devised this musical drama called "Trapped In The Closet."

    There are five chapters. Two are out, and I've been hanging on the edge of my seat to find out the full story.

    Chapter 1:
    • A man meets a woman in a club and they get it on.
    • He finds himself in her bed the next morning but she won't let him leave because her husband has just come home.
    • The man hides in the closet.
    • The woman's husband comes home, only to find the man in the closet.
    • The man pulls out a gun.
    Chapter 2:
    • The husband and wife quarrel.
    • The husband unleashes his own secret to get her back.
    • The husband has been creeping around on his own...with a man.
    Chapter 3: (It's not out yet, but I've heard it and I'll give you a taste of what's to come. )
    • The husband and wife continue to quarrel.
    • The man, in the closet, shoots.
    • This man calls home to find similar problems.
    R. Kelly is planning to unveil a mini-movie for this musical drama. It'll be part of a bonus DVD for his upcoming album, TP3: Reloaded, to released this July 5th.

    The video for Chapter 1 comes out tonight:

    WHAT: R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 1)" video
    WHEN: 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) tonight, Wednesday, May 25th


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i want to read chapter 4: r.kelly is a pedophile

    6:15 PM  
    Blogger Marian said...

    When I get the Chapter 4 preview, I'll put a summary online - don't worry

    12:22 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    when i could see Chapter 2 video

    10:25 AM  
    Blogger Marian said...

    Chapter 4 has been leaked out to some radio stations, but as for the full movie of "Trapped in The Closet," the DVD comes out July 5th.

    3:28 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ive heard the 4th one. The man calls his house and a man answers the phone.He gets home and finds that its his wifes brother. THe man is happy and they began to make love. He looks under the cover when he was done and found that he used no condom

    4:35 PM  
    Blogger ghetry said...

    ive heard the 4th and fifth one.
    Fourth: The man calls his house and another man answers the phone.He speeds home and gets stopped by a police.He gets home and ask his wife about the man . She said it was her brother. He was happy to hear that and made love to her. He looks at himself afterwards and forgot about the rubber.

    4:50 PM  
    Blogger ghetry said...

    Fifth:When he looks under the cover he finds some one elses condom in the bed. He goes off pn his wife. His wife tells him that she knows about him cheating. The girl that he slept with went to high school with her and the policeman was the one who answered her phone and she slept with him.

    4:55 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    thanx, wondered what happened in part 5

    2:00 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    well look u all are close but ill give u da full detail:
    Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 4 Of 5)"

    Now I'm dashin home
    Doin 85
    Swervin lane to lane
    Wit fire in my eyes
    I got a million thoughts
    Runnin through my mind
    I'm thinkin about what imma do and who I'm gonna do it to when I get home
    How could I have been so blind
    And then I look in my rear view
    I cannot believe this
    (Whoo whoo whoo)
    Damn, here comes a police man
    He drove right up on me and flashed his light
    Then I pulled over without thinkin twice
    He hopped out the car and walked over to me
    And said license and registration please
    I looked up at him and said
    Officer, is there somethin wrong
    He said no, except you were were doin 85 in a 60 mile zone
    Then I said officer
    Let me explain please
    Ya see the truth of the matter is
    Is that I have an emergency
    He said no excuses
    And no exception
    I said this is some he gave me the ticket
    Said have a nice day and walked away
    I said yeah right and drove away
    Then I turned my radio on
    And did 70 all the way home
    I pulled up in the driveway
    Hopped out and slammed the car door
    Then go in through the back
    Bust up in the house and she screamin
    Whats all that for
    Then I'm like woman I called this house
    And a man picked up my phone
    Then she said calm down
    Did you forget
    My brother Twan came home
    And thats all I could say was oh
    Wit a stupid look on my face
    Said I forgot he came home today
    And she said thats okay
    Because honey I understand
    She said you dont have to explain
    Then I took her by the hand
    I kissed her and then we went to the room
    Then I turned some music on
    Apologized one more time
    Then went down and start gettin it on
    And she started bitin her lip
    Grabbing me and makin noise
    Now we makin love and she's my ear whisperin
    It's all yours
    I said I love you
    And she said I love ya, too
    Then a tear fell up out my eye
    Then I called her my sunshine
    And then she looked at me
    And said baby go deeper please
    And thats when I start goin crazy
    Like I was tryin to give her a baby
    The room feel like its spinnin
    We keep turnin and turnin
    As if we were in a whirlwind
    The way our toes are curlin
    The next thing ya know, she starts goin real wild
    And starts screamin my name
    Then I said baby, we must slow down
    Before I bust a vessel in my brain
    And she said please no dont stop
    And I said I caught a cramp
    And she said please keep on goin
    I said my leg is about to crack
    Then she cries out
    Oh my goodness, I'm about to climax
    And I said cool
    Just let go of my leg
    She says you're the perfect lover
    I said I cant go no futher
    Then I flip back the cover
    Oh my God, a rubber...

    and now tha fifth

    And now, I'm like
    Well, well, well
    What the fuck is this
    A condom in my bed
    Ya better start talkin, bitch
    'Fore I take a match and
    Burn this muthafucka down
    I said you better start talkin
    And start talkin right damn now
    Then she said baby
    I'm so speechless
    Then I said my baby
    You gone be breathless
    If ya dont start talkin quick
    Woman, I'm gone have a fit
    You dont know what ya fuckin wit
    Girl ya better cut the bull shit
    Now its obvious somebody has been all up in my home
    In my bed, and plus I smell cigarettes
    Now and sniffin and lookin around
    Suspicious like someone's here
    Then I looked in her eyes and in her eyes
    There was so much fear
    Pull out my gun said is he still here
    She shook her head and said naw
    I'm checkin behind every door
    She cried out he left right after you called
    I said what the fuck was you thinkin
    You thought that I wouldnt find this out
    Then I said you must be crazy or on crack to have somebody off up in my muthafuckin house
    She hopped up and said thats enough
    She said I cant take no more
    And then she said you made your point
    But now its time to even the score
    She said I know all about last night
    And where you went when you left the club
    Said thats right, nigga I was there
    Wit this guy in the back of the club
    I said I thought you was wit yo girls
    She said I thought you was wit yo guys
    She said you was at that bitch house
    And dont even try to act suprised
    Said bae, she said shut up
    Dont you say a word
    It aint nothin you can say
    That I aint already heard
    Then I said woman, dont you try to turn it all around
    Cause the fact still remains that someone else was in my house
    Then she said you're right about that
    Somethin did go down, but I dont have to turn it around
    Cause what goes around comes back around
    I'm movin a little closer to her
    She's trippin over the furniture
    She said wait first, just let me explain
    I said no need to, just give me his name
    And then she said uh...uh
    I say uh what
    She said please sit down in a chair
    And I say no, I'm standin up
    And she cries out I'm so scared to tell you because of what ya might do
    And I screamed look girl you better give me this man's name and I'm not playin wit you
    She says okay, wipes her nose and asks me about a girl named Tina
    I thought to myself, said it sound familiar
    I said I probably know her if I seen her
    Then I say anyway girl, what the hell does that got to do with this man
    She said he know my girl Roxanne
    I said who the hell is Roxanne
    Then she says Roxanne's a friend of mine who know with this guy named Chuck
    Chuck's cool wit this guy name Rufus
    And I'm sittin here like what the fuck
    Then she says Rufus wife, Kathy
    We both went to high school
    She introduced me to
    The policeman that stopped you

    6:26 PM  
    Anonymous Stixx101 said...

    10:02 PM  

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